Marion Reynolds Dunleavy has had numerous one-person and group shows in New York and nationally, including 55 Mercer Gallery, Gallery 77, First Street Gallery, Blue Mountain Gallery, Front Street Gallery, and Gallery 60 in NYC, McGuffey Art Center and Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, New York. She is the recipient of a Greenshields Foundation Grant, and has been reviewed in Art in America.

Artist’s Statement

A painting is a window opening onto a place, an idea, or into an artist’s soul. My paintings contain windows within windows. In my cityscapes, windows carry us in and out of private sanctuaries and enigmatic roofscapes, confined spaces and expansive city views. A flower, a teacup, or a baby contrast with a chimney, a castle, or a skyscraper. People indoors sleep, while the city outside comes alive. Chimneys stand mute, mimicking the skyscrapers in the distance, life evident only in lights peeking back at us through an endless array of windows.

The paintings are steeped in the mix of emotions which infuse our own lives, the harshness and romance, the hope and yearning, the connection and separation. Each window connects us to the same world, but each life goes on in its separate space, unaware of the same drama unfolding one window or hundreds of windows away. The women in these paintings are in delicate balance between passion and melancholy, peace and resignation, between the intimacy of relationships and the solitude of their roles within them.

I paint the world around me, my physical and emotional world, seeking common experience in the particular. It is a collaboration, I set it before the viewer, and the rest is up to you.