I just had to paint something in response to President Obama’s election in 2008. I wanted to capture in color and light the events that marked that occasion and the feeling his words inspired in me. Even the music had shapes and colors. “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” (Stevie Wonder) embellishes a spotlit sky with valentine red in “Out of Many We Are One.” The lyrics and energy of Bruce Springsteen’s song suggest the rising forms (as well as the title) in the painting, “The Rising.” The bright staccato of trumpets in a Sousa march dot the breaking out of day in “On This Day.” Strains of “Simple Gifts” from a string quartet evoke calligraphic strokes in “Imagination Joined to Common Purpose.” The poet laureate’s words influence the turmoil and grace of “Our Liberty and Our Creed.” Implied throughout are the people, the immensity of the crowds, lights in the night sky, the blue day, the ideas, the optimism, the hope. Time has passed, but the spirit of this moment in history lives on in our memories, these songs, these words and, I hope, also in these images.

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